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560hp New Beiben Tractor Truck Revealed

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In recent years, with the continuous changes in market demand and the "localization" of imported tractors, the domestic tractor market has shown a clear trend of high-end, and various brands have improved the quality and service of their products. The model to be recommended is the Beiben heavy-duty truck Benma tractor. This model is a new sub-brand of Beiben heavy-duty truck this year. It is matched with 560 horsepower, ZF AMT.

Matching high-efficiency power chain, high reliability of chassis

As a well-known domestic heavy-duty truck brand, Beiben heavy-duty truck has a good strength relying on the Mercedes-Benz technology platform and strong manufacturing and design capabilities in the ordnance industry. Let's first look at the power chain matching. The real model is equipped with the China VI Jiefang Power CA6DM3-56E67 engine with a displacement of 12.52 and a maximum output power of 418kW (560 horsepower). Everyone is familiar with this engine, which has a huge loading capacity and extremely high reliability.


The transmission system is matched with a 12-speed ZF 12TX2620TD gearbox. As a domestic T1-level automatic transmission, this ZF's shifting logic calibration is very intelligent, and the speed and timing of shifting are also very good. It is worth mentioning that the car also has an Intarder3 hydraulic retarder, which is easier to deal with in the face of long downhill sections.

Let's look at the chassis design. This Benz tractor adopts TD440 rear axle with a speed ratio of 2.69. The rear axle with a small speed ratio is more suitable for high-speed and plain areas. In terms of suspension selection, the car is designed with 2/3 less leaf springs and is equipped with a lateral stabilizer bar, which makes the car have a better performance in terms of driving stability, and the chassis has a lighter weight.

In terms of battery life, the car is matched with the main and auxiliary fuel tanks, with a total volume of 1000L. It is worth mentioning that the main fuel tank of the car is designed with a dual-chamber fuel tank, so there is no need to worry about driving in a low temperature environment in winter. In addition, the car is equipped with all-wheel aluminum alloy wheels, and the tire size is 12R22.5.


The appearance is upgraded and the interior configuration is extremely luxurious

Let's look at the appearance again. This Benma tractor continues the family-style design of Beiben Heavy Duty Truck, and its sky blue paint is both beautiful and novel. Because it was upgraded on the basis of the cab of Beiben Heavy Duty Truck V3 series models, the changes of the actual model are not big, but in the lower bumper position, a shape similar to "ding" is adopted, which makes the style of the whole vehicle look more stable.

Let's look at the interior again. The cockpit of the car adopts a high-top double-bedroom design, which has a relatively ample driving space. In terms of comfort, the car is equipped with four-point airbag suspension and airbag shock absorption, and the seat also supports ventilation and heating.

The steering wheel adopts a four-spoke multi-function design. The multi-function button area integrates functions such as cruise control, answering calls and multimedia operations. Most of the operations during daily driving can be completed on the steering wheel, making high-speed driving safer.

In the design of the center console, its overall shape is biased towards the side of the main driver, which is also to make it easier for the driver to operate. In terms of configuration, there are large-size LCD screen with voice recognition function, air conditioner and some function buttons. It is worth mentioning that there is a large storage table above the center console, which can accommodate notebook-sized objects.


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